TorrentR proxy, unblock access

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The Site

As part of the file sharing community, TorrentR offers similar activities to other file-sharing sites non-stop. It is becoming an increasingly popular torrent site due to its updated content and fast upload time. Coincidentally, it is of similar looks to the famous Kick-Ass Torrents site.


Functional torrenting sites are considered so due to their providing of quick and healthy torrents for any user and TorrentR excels in this area. The optional categories placed just below the search bar are extremely helpful in allowing visitors to separate content especially in large torrenting databases such as this one. Similarly, the home page consists of newest torrents for movies, TV-shows, music, games, and applications that allow users a quick glance into the latest uploads in case they’re here just for that. A very helpful feature in this case is the health bar next to each torrent that automatically takes into consideration the seed/leech ratio so that a user doesn’t need to download a torrent to check its speed. Further into the search results area, users can again categorize torrents not only by popularity but also by uploaded date and seed/leech number, size, and health. Users should always show caution when using torrent sites as countries like the UK almost always block torrent sites as soon as they hit the web.

Final notes

Having a similar built to the famous KAT site, TorrentR has a nice and appealing look and unlike some sites that try to sell adds, this one shows little or none. On a final note, although file-sharing sites are also restricted in countries like UK, Netherlands, and even Germany and Denmark, some of them escape the restrictions are become available for short periods of time, so hurry up